翠鸟为您的火灾报警系统提供一系列常规设备. 下面列出了您需要的所有火灾警报和报警NBA买球.


翠鸟型号KFBEAM1224是一种四线传统投射光束烟雾探测器. It is uniquely suited for protecting open areas with high ceilings where other methods of smoke detection are difficult to install and maintain. 它只能与KCi兼容的控制面板一起使用. Installation of the single-ended reflective design is much easier than dual ended projected beam detectors. Alignment is quickly accomplished via an optical sight and a 2-digit signal strength meter incorporated into the product. 列出的操作从-22°F到131°F, KFBEAM1224 can be used in open area applications to provide early warning in environments where temperature extremes exceed the capability of other types of smoke detection.

KFBEAM1224S is equipped with an integral sensitivity test feature that consists of a test filter attached to a servo motor inside the detector optics. 使用远程测试站KFRTS451, 所述电机被激活,并在光束的路径中移动所述滤光片, 从而测试探测器的灵敏度. This integral sensitivity test feature allows the user to quickly and easily meet the annual maintenance and test requirements of NFPA 72.


BG-50W NEMA 4X防风雨手动拉站

翠鸟公司提供的BG-50W系列手动拉拔站.,是封闭在一个有吸引力的铸铝外壳. 明亮的红色饰面和凸起的白色字母确保在秒数时快速识别.

系统测试可以通过用钥匙打开车站的前面或拉盖来完成. 正常运行后,也可使用该键进行复位. 这种方法使它不可能被意外或未经授权的个人重置.

BG-50W是表面安装的, 防风雨(NEMA 4X)型号,带衬垫背盒, 作为一个完整的单位提供的.

Type 4X enclosures are intended for indoor or outdoor use to provide a degree of protection against falling rain, 溅水和软管导向水, 是否不受外壳上结冰的损坏,并能抵抗腐蚀.



KF710U手动站提供手动火灾报告. 这种高品质, die-cast metal Fire Alarm Station is available in a dual action configuration with SPST contacts and terminal strip connections.

The KF701U Manual Stations is resettable with a (CAT-211) key and mounts on a standard single gang backbox or model KFBB-700 interior surface metal backbox.



The KF5600 series offers a full-line of configurations to accommodate a broad range of applications. Both single and dual-circuit models are available for low and high temperature ratings with either fixed temperature or combination fixed temperature/rate-of-rise (ROR) activation. 固定/ROR模型的ROR元素是可恢复的,以适应现场测试.

满足各种安装需求, KF5600系列容易安装到单帮和八角形后盒上. 当使用方形到圆形的石膏环时,这些模型可以容纳四个方形的背盒. 可逆安装支架允许平装和表面安装后盒安装.

The KF5600 series provides clear markings on the exterior of the unit to ensure that the proper detector is being used. 字母数字字符识别激活方法, 以及温度等级, 用华氏度和摄氏度表示. 固定温度模型被识别为FX, 而组合固定/上升单位则标记为FX/ROR.

KF5600系列还提供了一个收集器形式的激活后指示器. 当探测器被激活时, 收集器从装置上掉下来, 方便识别报警单元.



KFAPO系列烟雾探测器采用成熟的传感技术, 再加上材料和电子技术的进步.

The KFAPO Series Smoke Detectors were developed for the safe detection of a wide range of smoke aerosols.

The dual chamber principle with measurement and reference chamber ensures the automatic compensation of environmental impact.



The KFD4120 4-wire photoelectric duct smoke detector features a pivoting housing that fits both square and rectangular footprints and mounts to round or rectangular ductwork. 该装置在最具挑战性的条件下感应烟雾, 在100到4的气流速度下运行,000英尺每分钟, 温度为-4°F到158°F, 湿度范围为0 - 95%(不凝结). 插入式传感器头提供了改进的误报警抗扰性和简单的安装, 测试, 和维护. 改进的盖设计将传感器头与低流量功能隔离开来,维护简单.

翠鸟外壳提供了充足的布线空间, 3 / 4英寸导管抽汲器, and built-in short circuit protection to prevent damage to sensitive components during installation. 高对比度端子设计使接线容易. 具有2:1的传感器功率比, D4120的电源板可用于监控第二传感器, D4S, 同时(我.e.(供回端). 多达50个翠鸟探测器可以相互连接. 当一个单位感觉到烟雾, all interconnected detectors will switch their relays; only the detector sensing smoke will go into alarm, 这样就确定了火源.



The 接口面板 provides a reliable connection between interior alarm systems and radio alarm master box transmitters. 除了本公告中描述的KCi面板功能之外, 在KFRTI-8S中提供了相同的功能. The KFRTI-8S houses both the interface and transmitter circuitry in a common NEMA 3R rainproof enclosure.



The KFSL-2000 Series Smoke Duct Detector is the latest innovation for early detection of smoke and products of combustion present in air moving through HVAC ducts in 商业, 工业, 及住宅申请. 该装置的设计目的是 通过空气处理系统、风扇和鼓风机防止烟雾的再循环或扩散. 在烟雾探测的情况下,整个系统可能会关闭.

KFSL-2000的设计和制造符合所有当地规范要求, 以及NFPA和ICC关于暖通空调供回风管道烟雾探测器的标准. 输出端子提供了广泛的远程配件,如喇叭, 频闪的, 远程状态指示灯, 测试/重置按键开关或按钮.



Kingfisher Smoke Detector Sensitivity Reader SENS –RDR is for use with the Kingfisher 2W and 4W series smoke detectors.


The sensitivity reader is designed assure smoke detectors are working within their listed and marked sensitivity ranges. The SENS-RDR reader's LCD screen displays a detectors exact sensitivity by percent-per foot obscuration. 因此, 不像很多敏感的读者, 电压表, 还有只显示额定电压的万用表, the step of cross referencing a voltage reading to a sensitivity range is eliminated with the SENS RDR. 除了显示灵敏度读数, LCD屏幕以alpha数字文本显示检测器的状态为GOOD, 服务, 或替换.

测试探测器的灵敏度是一项简单而快速的任务. The SENS-RDR connects to hand held devices and threaded extension pole for those detectors installed out of reach, 不需要梯子. Within 10 seconds, the dual LED and sounder will alert the installer that the reading has been taken. 双指示器, the installer won't have to rely on a single LED in areas with visibility issues or a single sounder in areas with audibility issues.



The XAL/XAS Series Fire Alarm Stations are designed and suitable to operate in hazardous areas with the presence of flammable gases or vapors, 可燃粉尘或易点燃的纤维. 这些火灾报警站适用于炼油厂, 化学和石化工厂, 存储区域, (三)其他处理、储存危险物品的加工设施.

XAL/XAS火灾报警站的外壳具有接地法兰, 螺栓连接结构, 利用copper-free, 铸造铝合金,适用于危险环境的箱体和盖板铸件.



Kingfisher Photoelectric smoke detectors offer a number of intelligent features to simplify 测试和维护. Drift compensation and smoothing algorithms are standard with the Kingfisher Photoelectric smoke line to minimize nuisance alarms. 2-wire Kingfisher Photoelectric smoke detectors can generate a remote LED indicated maintenance signal when connected to the 2W-MOD2 loop test/maintenance module or a panel equipped with the Kingfisher Photoelectric smoke protocol. 无线设备SENS-RDR,



The 302系列热探测器 is a normally open heat detector designed especially for fire detection and alarm systems. 这些速率补偿型热探测器可在135°F或194°F额定值. 所有四种基本模型都是自我恢复的, 密封的, 耐冲击, 耐腐蚀, 和防毒. Installers should refer to NFPA Standard 72 (standard for automatic fire detectors) for application requirements, 测试和维护.



The CR and CF-MP Series Moisture Proof Detectors are designed for hazardous locations and Moisture Proof applications. Each Moisture Proof detector is available in single or multiple circuits with open and/or closed contact configurations, 以及任何固定的温度设置,包括135, 165, 华氏200度和285度.




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